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JDK Media creates rich media content for web, TV, fIlm, and gamming. We utalize latest visual effects & animation software to create engaging user experiences. Programs like Flash & After effects Help to create 2D animation content, for use in GUI, for web & mobile device application. We can integrate 3D models, and scenes created using Maya & Swift3D To create rich multimedia user experinces. Our multimedia content has been used for commercial animatics for broadcast, eLearning, orporate CBT's (Computer Based Training) or touchscreen UI prototypes.

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Hewlett Packard, Creative Director

Supervise many aspects of the Rich Media development department within a global technology company. Liaise with China & our Shanghai team on multiple projects. Build localized software solutions for learning products all in one printer division. Create many product demo videos for printers, laptops, accessories, applications & services. Build internal sales & marketing tools, including graphics, websites, mobile applications. Worked on several proprietary product development projects, where secrecy & security are paramount.

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Cubic, Mobile UI Development

Worked to develop UI graphics & flow for subway system Hand Held Unit. Developed with a team of software enginerrs to create a mobile solution for the train security authority in Chicago, New York & Florida. Created style guides for Graphic layout & iconography. Developed & tested active UI mockups with Human Factors Engineers. Responsible for delivering final content in varoius formats for programming on Windows Mobile platform, for delivery to Pidion mobile devices.

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Cartoons & Animation

Creating original cartoons & custom animations is one of the fun things about rich media. Creating original characters & bringing them to life give the viewer experience something unique & memorable. Here's a few samples created using illustrator, Flash, After Effects & garage band.

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