Cubic, Portfolio

Worked to develop UI graphics & flow for subway system Hand Held Unit. Developed with a team of software enginerrs to create a mobile solution for the train security authority in Chicago, New York & Florida. Created style guides for Graphic layout & iconography. Developed & tested active UI mockups with Human Factors Engineers. Responsible for delivering final content in varoius formats for programming on Windows Mobile platform, for delivery to Pidion mobile devices.

Cubic UI styleguide

Below are samples of some of the work that has been done for Cubic Transportation department.

Cubic HHU, (Hand Held Unit)

Cubic HHU UI flow from JD Knight on Vimeo.

This is a short visual aid created to illustrate the UI flow. This was one of my mobile UI's I created or the Cubic, Transportation division. Animation was created using Flash.

Cubic CTA, (Chicago Transit Authority)

Cubic CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) from JD Knight on Vimeo.

This video was made as a sales tool for Cubic, Transportation divisino, as a pitch to the Chicago Transit Authority. The Chicago fly over was created using Google Earth pro. It was composited in After Effects.