Hewlett Packard, Portfolio

Worked through 3 major branding changes & multiple marketing campaigns, to Create rich media for HP over the past 5 years. Below are samples of some of the work that has been done.

e-Learning, Replace Cartridge Animation

HP Replace cartridge animation from JD Knight on Vimeo.

This is a sample of 100's of eLearning animations that the my rich media team produced for HP.

e-Learning, Touchsmart Apps.

HP get more apps. promo from JD Knight on Vimeo.

Made this entirely in After effects to promote HP toch apps. on printers. It showcases eLearning animation that shows the user how to get more apps. & add to favorites. There is no audio.

Sales Demo, GM CBT

GM CBT (Computer Based Training) promo from JD Knight on Vimeo.

This video was created as a sales tool for HP ACG. Used from 2008-2010. The 3D car scenes were done by Nik Monav, the best Bulgarian 3D artist to ever live. I composited the 3D scenes in After Effects to create the 2D elements. The earth zoom in the intro was thanks to the amazing tutorials at videocopilot.net.

Sales Demo, Touchsmart promo

HP Touchsmart Promo from JD Knight on Vimeo.

I made this TS promo in 2008. It never saw the light of day... But it is one of my favorite After Effects creations. The camera movements were thanks to videocopilot.net & the sure target plugin. Assembling the apps. animation, started by breaking apart the original Illustrator files and animating the assembly. The music is Colleen, by The Heavy, on Great Vengeance & furious fire